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We receive hundreds of testimonials from students through our contact page, social media, email, and our registration pages.  Our students frequently make an extra effort to share their positive experiences with us and we appreciate it.  We are very thankful to be able to work in this industry and to make motorcycling a safer sport.  If you would like to share your experience with us (and others); please submit your own testimonial. We do our very best to make this a positive experience; and we believe that these testimonials reflect our effort and the atmosphere of our classes.  Again, thank you so much for being part of this great sport and taking steps towards safer motorcycling .

I have been riding motorcycles, off and on, for over 30 years; so, I was reluctant to the idea of a State required training course. I recently completed the two-day Iron Phoenix motorcycle course, and it was a most positive experience. The instructor, Kevin, is possibly the most knowledgeable and talented motorcyclist I have ever met. (Kevin makes no bones about being a very big guy, and is not the most agile of individuals. But, he can maneuver a motorcycle with the grace of a ballet dancer.) During the course, I discovered there are some things I do well on a bike and some other things, i.e., bad habits, I needed to change. Kevin did a great job of positively engaging me and the other students (also experienced riders) through a curriculum of some classroom lecture, questioning and answering, and lots of hands-on course riding. He provides a thorough, yet relaxed, experience, encouraging each student toward successful completion of the course. Every Florida motorcyclist has to take a training course; I highly recommend Iron Phoenix.
Ricardo Fullerton
Just finished the training. I have ridden before however I did learn a great deal. This course is well worth the time and money. The coach was very knowledgeable as well as patient to get the student through the “rough” patches. I would strongly suggest anyone wanting to ride take this course. Also, wear sunscreen on your neck, mine got burnt by the sun. LOL. Great course, thanks Kevin…
Mike Lowe
Just completed the basic rider course. Jimmy and Kevin were absolutely awesome. Very experienced and knowledgeable. They were patient and understanding. I never felt pressured to perform the lessons. We had a new rider in our class, never been on a motorcycle before, he passed with flying colors. If that doesn't say something I don't know what will. You will learn so much....Thanks Jimmy, Kevin and Hailey (Hallee)...safety first...
Tammy M
After not riding for 10 years went and got my endorsement as i was grandfarther in the first time. Great school and well worth the money... the instructors take time too make sure you know what you are doing and are helpful in every way possible. Thranks for a great school.
Tony and Kevin are excellent instructors!! They really helped a lot with many techniques, and they are very passionate about motorcycling. When our class started out we had a few degrees on difference in riding skills. Tony and Kevin had everyone riding safely smoothly and technically in no time. I will be recommending them to everyone I know that is interested in learning to ride or even just upping their skills and form. I myself instructed Kung Fu and Tai Chi for sometime and they use many of the same philosophies and instructing techniques that my Master taught me to teach and I could see it from the start. Noticing this right away really set me at ease that I had picked the right instructors. I can’t wait to do the Advanced Rider Course with my own bike. Thanks Again, Tony and Kevin PS the direct translation of Kung Fu is Hard Work Your Kung Fu is Strong!!!
Michael Koston
I cannot get the smile off my face:) I had my B-day this weekend and got my bike on Sunday. I practiced in a Wal-Mart parking lot all of the class maneuvers. (Still struggling with the emergency stop) I would be interested in taking the class that you bring your own bike to in the spring. I am out on the road now and lovin it! I cannot get the smile off my face:) I am having so much fun I just want to ride all of the time. I am sending you a pic, don’t worry I do where helmet and gloves when I ride. Thank you so much for helping my confidence with the beginner class.
Took the BRC a few weeks ago and am very pleased with the class. Patient, encouraging and thoughtful. This class and the instructors ALL worked together to make sure you pass the class. For anyone on the fence as to whether they should take this class, I encourage you to take the class!!! I am more confident and prepared to ride safely! I will be back in the winter for the BRC2 with my new Dyna!!! Thank you very much you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! See you soon,
Ellen LaPergola

We thank everybody for the wonderful testimonials. On behalf of Iron Phoenix, I would like to apologize for removing so many testimonials. We are proud to display the kind words we so often receive from our students. However, it was time to update our site and make room for more testimonials. I will tell you; It is fantastic to go back and read testimonials from students from years past. I wanted to offer space for new testimonials. Trust me when I tell to you; that it occasionally brightens my spirits to see my name mentioned in a testimonial clear back from when I received my National Certification to conduct these courses (June of 2007). I am thankful to have been mentored by one of the greatest coaches I have ever met (Tony Brown). We have received dozens (maybe scores) more of your testimonials in 2017. Please do not be offended by their removal. Your adoration is very rewarding and I will continue to go back and read your kind words. Know that your words help future students by motivating us (me) to continue with the same principals. Sincerely,

Kevin – CEO

Iron Phoenix Motorcycle Training, Inc.