About Us

Iron Phoenix Motorcycle Training, Inc. provides motorcycle training in Port Charlotte, Florida. The original company was created as Highlands Professional Motorcycle Training Corp and born in 2001. Tony Brown purchased the company in 2003 and it was reorganized again as Highlands Professional Motorcycle Training Corp I. in 2003. Years later; In 2016, Highlands began winding down to permit the retirement of the main stock holder. Employees and affiliates who had associated with Highlands for more than ten years decided to keep the flame going. Hence: Iron Phoenix Motorcycle Training, Inc. was born in January of 2017.

Iron Phoenix is dedicated to keeping the same ideals of quality rider training as its predecessor had. Specializing in coaching based upon the individual needs of each student, Iron Phoenix has a relatively high success rate in student completion. We pride ourselves on offering remedial training to assist riders in self development whilst simultaneously providing advanced training for those with experience.

We don’t simply wish for our students to be successful in the class; we want them to be safe riders upon the road. In that regard, we occasionally offer free seminars to help riders improve their skills. We partner with our sponsors and business associates to provide group riding seminars, seasoned rider seminars, and other training options freely to licensed riders.

We additionally provide more advanced training options and courses for experienced riders who wish to sharpen their skills upon their own motorcycles. Our ultimate goal is to increase motorcycle safety and reduce injuries on the road.