Iron Phoenix Motorcycle Training, Inc.

We receive hundreds of testimonials from students through our contact page, social media, email, and our registration pages.  Our students frequently make an extra effort to share their positive experiences with us and we appreciate it.  We are very thankful to be able to work in this industry and to make motorcycling a safer sport.  If you would like to share your experience with us (and others); please submit your own testimonial here.  We do our very best to make this a positive experience; and we believe that these testimonials reflect our effort and the atmosphere of our classes.  Again, thank you so much for being part of this great sport and taking steps to make motorcycling safer. 

I’d never ridden a motorbike before, although I used to think about getting an M license some years ago.

I am thankful I had such nice and patient instructors to work with. The instructors have a positive energy/attitude and sincerely care for the safety of the students both during the course and as would-be licensed riders upon completing the course.

A biking friend recommended this school to me because of Tony and the instructors–I’m glad I took his advice!


This class was amazing. I started pretty nervous and felt way more confident by the time it was over. Tony and Jimmy were motivational and patient. As a new rider, I learned a great deal about where I am in my skill level and where I need to go to better myself. I am excited to ride and build my confidence and skill. I will definitely return for the level two course. Thanks, guys! You rock.
Krystal Murphy

I have been riding motorcycles, off and on, for over 30 years; so, I was reluctant to the idea of a State required training course. I recently completed the two-day Iron Phoenix motorcycle course, and it was a most positive experience. The instructor, Kevin, is possibly the most knowledgeable and talented motorcyclist I have ever met. (Kevin makes no bones about being a very big guy, and is not the most agile of individuals. But, he can maneuver a motorcycle with the grace of a ballet dancer.) During the course, I discovered there are some things I do well on a bike and some other things, i.e., bad habits, I needed to change. Kevin did a great job of positively engaging me and the other students (also experienced riders) through a curriculum of some classroom lecture, questioning and answering, and lots of hands-on course riding. He provides a thorough, yet relaxed, experience, encouraging each student toward successful completion of the course. Every Florida motorcyclist has to take a training course; I highly recommend Iron Phoenix.

Ricardo Fullerton

Just finished the training. I have ridden before however I did learn a great deal. This course is well worth the time and money. The coach was very knowledgeable as well as patient to get the student through the “rough” patches.
I would strongly suggest anyone wanting to ride take this course.
Also, wear sunscreen on your neck, mine got burnt by the sun. LOL.
Great course, thanks Kevin…

Mike Lowe

Tony and his coaches (Angelo & Jimmy) provide an incredible learning experience. I drove from Ft. Myers to Punta Gorda to take this course and I’m so glad I did -I can’t imagine a better time anywhere else. Tony works hard to generate a VERY positive environment among students and encourages camaraderie, which instills confidence and helps remove any fear or trepidation. We had students with 0-40+ years of riding experience, yet everyone learned something new, and everyone successfully passed the MSF tests, no matter their starting skill level.

I suggest the Highlands Professional Motorcycle Training course to ANY rider.. I’m confident you will learn something new from Tony and his team and that you will leave a much more competent rider.

Nick Mondell

A terrific motorcycle training course to say the least. You were extremely thorough and dedicated in making sure the students understood the course content both in class and on the training site, while making it fun. Additionally having two well versed RiderCoaches (Jim & Warren) was instrumental in making the BRC course such a success as well. Tony, you were a true inspiration to getting me back on the 2 wheels! Thanks, Jim D.

Jim David

Took the BRC a few weeks ago and am very pleased with the class. Patient, encouraging and thoughtful. This class and the instructors ALL worked together to make sure you pass the class.

For anyone on the fence as to whether they should take this class, I encourage you to take the class!!!

I am more confident and prepared to ride safely!

I will be back in the winter for the BRC2 with my new Dyna!!!

Thank you very much Tony, Jimmy & Angelo you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you soon,

Ellen LaPergola

Ellen Lapergola

I haven’t rode for a very long time. Tony and his staff made me feel relaxed and confidant on the bike. They explained every thing I needed to ride safely.


Tony and the other coaches make you feel very comfortable while making the class fun. I have not been on a bike for 34 years and just after a few hours they made me feel like I was a natural.

Thanks Tony and crew

Rich Dedrick

Great class. Very informational and they make you feel comfortable and not overwhelmed. I would recommend for first time rider or riders with little experience.Tony makes it fun and stress-free. Great job guys!

Malik Locust

Awesome class for beginners ! Left there feeling confident and knowledgeable about getting out on the road..you have fun while learning at the same time …great place ! Thanks !!

Rebecca Nelson

Great class and instructors. They really want you to succeed in the class. Enjoyed every moment.

Stefan Talley

Tony was So Gentle and Understanding and With out a Doubt the very Best Bike Instructor you could EVER ASK FOR. I Just turned 57 a Week Before my First Class never driven a Stick Shift Car before nor a Motorcycle. One of my All Time Dreams was To Ride a Motorcycle. GUESS WHAT ! MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE!!!!! IT came true Because of Tony 100% . I was Scared ! Very Scared when I showed up for Class. When I met Tony at that very Moment My Fear went away. You can tell just by his Demeanor that he was going to take his time with you and teach you all you needed to know. { I Promise You 100% He Will ) Very Sweet, Very Patient, Very Understanding, Very Dedicated to each Rider, 100% Dedicated in Teaching A Safe Training Class. You Will Not Be Disappointed . I wasn’t !

Marjorie Barker

Geared for success!  Fantastic class and while a bit of a workout, well worth the effort.

The teaching method was very effective–Tony and Warren told us what to do, then they showed us how to do it, and finally they got us to do it with great coaching (knowledge, patience, and encouragement).

I was particularly impressed with how Tony sounded fresh and enthusiastic, as if it was the first time he was saying the words.




A great course. Tony and Warren are not just great instructors but very nice individuals. They very likable from the first time you meet them. There knowledge is second to none. Thank make you feel like they have known you for ever. I’m glad that I had the chance to first meet these two great people and second to take the course and absorb there wisdom. Hat’s of to both of you guy’s. I’ll never forget you two.

Matthew Wayne Faulkner


It was a true pleasure meeting you. Your teaching style is exceptional. I appreciate you allowing me to shadow you this past August. I reflected on and stole a few training tips I learned from you during my MSF Instructor class in September. I have been teaching other national programs all over the country for over 20 years. You are in the top 5 best instructors I have ever met. You are a professional. You put your students at ease. You are extremely knowledgeable, and humble. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. Thank you again.

Jack Watson

Jack Watson

I had not ridden a motorcycle in over 40 years. As a senior learner, my reflexes and balance have changed. My coaches, however, never gave up on me. They guided me to handle low speed maneuvers and stopping skills. Even though I was not one of the better learners in my class, the coaches never chided me or made me feel any less important than the other students in the class. Their positive comments and encouragement helped me focus on the skills.

Rick Hayman

OK I got my first Harley at 18 . (I’m 62) Years ago I got my 100 thousand mile pin so my skills are up there never did I think I could be taught anything new !!!! I’ve been off a bike for 10 or more years a ride here and there so to refresh my skills I took the course . Tony /Warren are great teacher, I was impressed and learned new ways to stay alive and avoid the people that don’t see us !!!! Nice going I’m sure others feel like I do….. Thanks Tony 10/20/2015

Joseph Kostenko

Tony and Kevin are excellent instructors!! They really helped a lot with many techniques, and they are very passionate about motorcycling. When our class started out we had a few degrees on difference in riding skills. Tony and Kevin had everyone riding safely smoothly and technically in no time. I will be recommending them to everyone I know that is interested in learning to ride or even just upping their skills and form. I myself instructed Kung Fu and Tai Chi for sometime and they use many of the same philosophies and instructing techniques that my Master taught me to teach and I could see it from the start. Noticing this right away really set me at ease that I had picked the right instructors. I can’t wait to do the Advanced Rider Course with my own bike.

Thanks Again,
Tony and Kevin
PS the direct translation of Kung Fu is Hard Work
Your Kung Fu is Strong!!!

Michael Koston

Tony & Ken – I just got finished with the course and figured this is the best time for me to give my input. We had quite a few brand new riders in our class, including myself and the very first thing that I want to say is the extra time you both took to make certain we were comfortable was Amazing!! Our total group just Rocked..Everyone was so supportive and encouraging. Thank you both so very much for an enjoyable experience. You don’t just teach people to “ride” you build confidence in a setting that allows the classmates to bond and become a team and have fun! I will certainly send anyone that needs to learn to ride or that is looking for additional training your way – Margie

Margie Bauer

Tony & Ken’s class is not only educational but extremely fun. They encouraged everyone in a pleasant professional way. They build confidence and self pride with each rider. I will tell anyone that is wanting to learn to ride to trust this training class and instructor’s. They ROCK!! Thank you, Tony & Ken

Beth Ann Receveur

I cannot get the smile off my face:)

I had my B-day this weekend and got my bike on Sunday. I practiced in a
Wal-Mart parking lot all of the class maneuvers. (Still struggling with
the emergency stop) I would be interested in taking the class that you
bring your own bike to in the spring. I am out on the road now and
lovin it!
I cannot get the smile off my face:) I am having so much fun I just want
to ride all of the time. I am sending you a pic, don’t worry I do where
helmet and gloves when I ride. Thank you so much for helping my
confidence with the beginner class.


I was in class with 3 other guys on August 27.2015. Tony Brown was an awesome coach/teacher with just the right amount of humor to keep it fun but serious enough to keep safety first. He stays right with you from start to finish and you leave his class with the knowledge you need to start riding safely. I think I can speak for the other guys when I say we had a great time. We laughed, learned, rode and laughed some more. We even got rained on but pushed forward to completion. Great school and it comes highly recommended. Tony is the best.
Rodger Looney
Port Charlotte, Fl.

Rodger Looney

Tony, Thank you again for all of your fine training this past weekend. You are an awesome educator! Niko was at DMV first thing this a.m. and got his new license. Only trouble, his bike is in the shop! Thanks again for all that you did for us. We will make you proud out on the road!

Barb McCauley, MATL

Tony, I want to thank you and Ken for an unforgettable course. Your continuous positive, encouragement and professional enthusiasm was, for lack of a better word, outstanding. Until now I had never taken part in any training- military, law enforcement or collegiate level- that consistently reinforced a healthy learning environment. It truly was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

Misael Bermúdez

Hi Tony,

I enjoyed your training course and thought you all did a great job.  I think I learned allot.  Your encouraging positive remarks when performing the maneuvers helps build confidence…keep up the good work!


Tom Palowitch

Thanks – FYI  best $ I ever spent.  Your class was the best!

Brian Wagner

Thank you for the picture. Jay and I went for our first ride today.  He did really great.  I felt very safe.  Thank you so much for teaching him the fundamentals and how to ride safe.  Maybe in a year he will be in your “experienced” class.  Thanks again and god bless…

Robyn Rimes

Tony Brown is the consummate professional, his knowledge, skills and ability set him apart from other MSF coaches in the area. Tony puts new riders at ease, as well as keeping more experienced rider engaged and learning. I recommend Tony and his team of coaches for anyone that rides, or wants to learn to ride.
Semper FIdelis,
John M.

John Mooney

Wanted to let you know I’ve been out riding my Vulcan several times since graduating from the class.

I really enjoyed the experience of learning and appreciate the way the course is taught. No pressure, lots of encouragement, and above all alot of fun. I would recommend your class to anyone who is looking to learn to ride whether they have some experience or none at all. Cudos to Ken and Warren as well.

Barbara Anter

Thank you guys for making me feel more safe out there. I had a blast with you all. Now I don’t have to worry so much about getting home safe and can enjoy my riding now.

Matthew Ferguson

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and passion for teaching proper motorcycling techniques exhibited by Tony and his assistant, Josh Iorio.  I was amazed at how these two men were able to take a brand new rider and have them up on two wheels, riding properly, within just a few days (actually, hours!).  Even though I’m a skilled motorcycle professional, Tony’s close observation of MY riding abilities, and his comments and suggestions has allowed me to become an even better rider.

Tony and Josh, although very serious and professional about what they were teaching, made the training experience enjoyable for everyone.  Being a private company, at first, I expected everyone to pass, even if they didn’t do so well on the skills test.  At test time, however, it became apparent that the criterion was exactly the same for everyone – either you did it, or you didn’t.  There were no “gimme’s.”  I was very pleased.

From what I have seen, the Highlands Professional Motorcycle Training Corp. has done a fine job of representing your program.

Thanks!  And again, thanks for the information.


Mark Parco

I recently attended this class and was blown away by how much I learned even being a very skilled rider, Tony and Warren were both great guys and awesome coaches! If you are thinking about becoming a motorcycle rider than attending this class would be the best place to start. Thank you both very much for everything!!

Brett Gunnells

I signed on to take my second MSF course due to an error on my license and too much time having g on by to rectify it. I have been riding and figured I would just get through the obligatory course and continue on.

Tony Brown was my Rider Coach. His immediate personable nature was a joy for our class of 5. It quickly became a pleasure to be in his class, and then obvious that learning never ends and can always be fun as well as extremely valuable.

Being a newer rider, I’m cautious. Now, as I am still a careful rider I have been reminded of the reasons for safety. Not only was the coarse informative the second time around, I am…for the second time, sure of it being so rewarding and helpful that I will take another for further education, as well as skill and enjoyment.

I recommend Tony Browns’ class to anyone. Many thanks!

Karen Lee Gabor

Tony, I want to thank you and Ken for an unforgettable course. Your continuous positivity, encouragement and professional enthusiasm was, for lack of a better word, outstanding. Until now I had never taken part in any training- military, law enforcement or collegiate level- that consistently reinforced a healthy learning environment. It truly was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

Misael Bermúdez

Hey Tony,

Thanks for a class that rocked. I learned so much and it’s all worth the money. Wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2005. Take Care and again thanks…

Gary Santoro

Hey, Tony. Just wanted to say thank you again for your patience during our training class. You are an excellent teacher Hope all is well. I might come see you this weekend. Take care, talk to you soon.


I was in your 3/11-13 class at Southeast High School. Just wanted to let you know that I got a bike yesterday. It’s a 2003 Suzuki Volusia 800. I took it out to an empty parking lot last night and practiced a little. I love it. Just thought I would share a “success” story with you.

Thanks for all of your help!

Peggy Moore

Riding a motorcycle one needs to be prepared for anything. The dangers encountered by every motorcycle rider. We all know what they are. I was a little reluctant at having to take the course in order to get a motorcycle license in the state of Florida. I enrolled in the course thinking after 20 years of riding experience that I knew how to ride a motorcycle.
I soon found that the course was quite informative and the practical exercises could and would make a experienced rider a “better rider”. Yes I have to admit I did learn quite a few things during this course, all of which will make me a better motorcycle rider. I want to give a big thank you to the entire staff.

Riding a motorcycle you are always prepared for the unexpected. In my 27 years as a Police Officer I had seen many things, my job was to be able to respond to any type emergency. I have seen many unusual things take place in those years but none quite lille what happened in our motorcycle training course on the final dal during testing. A member of our class on the previous day was having some adverse reactions to the heat with the medication he was taking. This in itself can be a lesson many of never would think about, riding on hat days and taking medications that warn you to avoid the sun and heat. He really seemed to be doing OK during the early morning exercises.

While preforming on of the required skills for his motorcycle license a member of our class suffered a “heart attack” while performing the skill. He rode right past the instructors without hitting his brakes and went on to come to rest on a grassy mediun with the motorcycle on top of him. All the members of the class ran to asset. The first persons there were another member of our class and the Owner and Lead Instructor of Highlans Professional Motorcycle Training, Tony Brown.

Tony instantly recognized the signs of a heart attack and began immediately administer life saving treatment to his student. He assessed the student and found that he had no heart beat and immediately began chest compressions. All this was happening as other students were lifting the motorcycle off the student. I removed the students helmet and opened his airway which was retiricted. I told Tony that the student was not breathing. Tony continued with his chest compressions. I positioned the head and was ready to administer the first breath when all of a sudden the student began breathing on his own as well as beginning to move around. He was very incoherent, but he was alive.

I was a Police Medic for 5 hearts. During that 5 year period I have preformed CPR on many patients. What just transpired can only be described as a miracle. On a few occasions as a police medic I did see propel survive a heart attack. Morst times it was because someone started CPR immediately. Because of his quick thinking and his being able to respond quickly a man’s life was saved.

I know that this student spent some time in the hospital and came back and finished the required testing to obtain his motorcycle license. That would not have been possible if it had not been for Tony Brown being prepared to respond to any situation. I know that each of us in that class wish our fellow student safe riding and good health in the future.

Tony, your actions show the quality of the man who owns and operates Highland Professional Motorcycle Training.

J. B. Watts